Kitchen Layouts

The Best Layouts that Suit You and Your Home

You need to get the layout of your kitchen right in order to create a safe and comfortable environment for everyone in your household. This page discusses some of the most popular kitchen layouts.

The primary function of a kitchen is to serve as a place to prepare food but today the kitchen is so much more than that. Food preparation and cooking areas are often combined with living and dining spaces to create an open plan design. This is why it’s important to research the different types of kitchen design layouts before you choose a style to adopt for your kitchen.

It doesn’t matter if your kitchen is big or small, a smart and practical layout will increase the functionality and overall pleasantness of the room. Getting a perfect kitchen involves much more than just putting down furniture and cabinetry. In order to maximise the enjoyment of the kitchen you have to ensure there is enough space to allow free and comfortable movement around the room, the heights of the worktops and other fixtures are just right, and each appliance is placed in the optimum position.

A main determining factor of the layout of your kitchen will be the floor plan of your property. However, you can still enhance the space to make it as efficient and ergonomic as possible. Take a look at some of the most common kitchen layouts used today and see if you can incorporate them into your kitchen. If you see a layout you love, Kitchen Fitters In Birmingham can help you easily apply it to your home.

galley kitchen layout

The Galley Kitchen

What is a Galley Kitchen?

Named after the small cooking area onboard a ship, a classic galley has a single row of units. A double galley has two parallel rows of units which face each other.

Why Should You Use This Layout?

The Galley Kitchen layout is great for small rooms because it uses every inch of space. It is particularly fitting for narrow kitchens but can definitely be incorporated into open-plan rooms where an island is aligned parallel to the row of units against one wall. If planned properly, this layout can be very practical.

U-Shaped Kitchen

What is a U-shaped Kitchen?

A U-shaped kitchen layout is achieved by running units along three adjacent walls thus creating the U-shape. It is usually used for medium to large sized kitchens.

Why Should You Use This Layout?

Practicality is the main feature of this layout. It allows for a large amount of storage units as cabinets can be placed along three walls. Multiple people can use the kitchen with ease at the same time and excellent workflow is achieved.

u shaped kitchen ideas
kitchen layouts l shaped

L-Shaped Kitchen

What is an L-shaped Kitchen?

This layout is a functional choice for both big and small rooms. It gets its L-shape from having cabinets running along two perpendicular walls.

Why Should You Use This Layout?

The L-shaped layout is a fantastic choice if you want to achieve an open and airy layout for your kitchen. It gives you a lot of flexibility over where you put appliances and designated working areas. For example, you could have the refrigerator at one end of the L, the sink in the middle and cooker at the other end of the L.

Island Kitchen

What is an Island Kitchen?

An island kitchen includes an island which is situated in the middle of the room, with the worktops and cabinets against the surrounding walls.

Why Should You Use This Layout?

If your room is big enough, an island gives it a multi-functional area that can be used as a place to prepare food, cook, eat, drink and entertain. It can be used to minimise the distance between workstations and to make the most of the available space in a big room.

kitchen with peninsula

Peninsula Kitchen

What is a Peninsula Kitchen?

Peninsula kitchen layouts incorporate a peninsula which is very similar to an island but it is attached to a wall at one end instead of standing freely in the middle. Oftentimes, a peninsular is used instead of an island if the room doesn’t have much space.

Why Should You Use This Layout?

This is a good option that allows for the advantages of an island where there is not enough space for an island to be fitted. The peninsula can be used for a range of things such as food preparation, eating and drinking or other activities while the chef is occupied with cooking.

The One Wall Kitchen

What is a The One Wall Kitchen?

This simple layout is usually used in small kitchens. It consists of worktops and cabinets fitted against only one wall. The kitchen can have both higher and lower cabinets or shelves over base units which creates a sleek look.

Why Should You Use This Layout?

One wall kitchen layouts are great for small houses, flats and lofts. It allows all the cabinets, worktops and appliances to be installed on one wall of the home to save space. This layout provides great efficiency because you can keep all the worktops, cabinets and appliances close to each other. This style is very popular and many new-builds are now utilising the one wall kitchen layout.

Get Started With Your New Kitchen Layout

If it’s time to update the layout of your current kitchen, or you need to install a brand new kitchen in a new home, Kitchen Fitters In Birmingham can help you. We can install any kitchen layout seen above as well as any not including in this list. Contact us today to see how we can fit the kitchen of your dreams.