One Wall Kitchen Design Layout

What is a One Wall Kitchen Design Layout?

The one wall kitchen design layout is ideal for small rooms and can be more affordable than other design layouts to fit.

If you have a kitchen that is lacking in space, a one wall kitchen design layout could be the perfect layout for you. One wall kitchens take up the least space of all the kitchen design layouts. All the furniture and appliances are arranged in a single line along one wall, hence the name “one wall kitchen.” As there are less units used for this particular layout, it should cost a lot less the supply and fit than other types of designs. Fewer units also can improve workflow efficiency because everything can be within reaching distance. Carry on ready for tips on how to use the one wall kitchen design layout in your home.

Planning For an Efficient Design

When space is scarce, it is very important to carefully plan a kitchen. Since the one wall kitchen design layout is mostly used for small kitchens, a carefully planned design is imperative to ensure maximum workflow efficiency. A one wall kitchen will often include a refrigerator on one end of the row. A sink will often appear next to it, with worktops on each side. At the opposite end of the refrigerator, the hob and oven are commonly situated. Food preparation areas should surround the oven and hob so that you can easily cook meals.

Creating a Space That Encourages Socialising

Since the one wall kitchen design layout is located flush against one wall, it does not interfere with other living spaces. If you have an open plan layout, this means you will have more space in the areas just outside the kitchen. You could use this extra space to allow for easy socialising with friends and family while someone is cooking.

In general, this type of kitchen only allows one person to cook at a time. This makes using the kitchen a very safe and easy experience since other people will be well clear of the cooking area.

Maximise Storage

Every kitchen needs storage space, no matter how big or small it is. However, storage becomes even more important in a small one wall kitchen where there are far fewer units.

Including a sufficient amount of cupboard space is essential but it is also possible to find more storage in other areas of the kitchen. Don’t be afraid to use unconventional storage solutions such as underseat storage. It is important to obtain as much storage space as possible in a one wall kitchen design layout.

To ensure you create a flowing look, you can choose a finish that matches the kitchen units and worktops on the furniture outside of the kitchen area. This will create an incredibly stylish, open plan design with a great feeling of continuity.

one wall kitchen design layout

Select Appliances That Compliment Small Kitchens

You can find a wide range of appliances that are specifically made for small kitchens. This means your one wall kitchen will not miss out on all the appliances you want. For example, it is possible to purchase small ovens, dishwashers and microwaves that will fit perfectly in your compact kitchen.

If you have an open plan design, you will need to select appliances that do not make a lot of noise. Struggling to hear your TV because the dishwasher is very loud is not ideal. So before you purchase your appliances, check that they are not excessively noisy by reading the technical specifications and reviews.

Include an Island

During the planning stage of your kitchen layout, you may want to consider adding an island if you have the space for it. The addition of an island brings lots of extra storage and worktop space that could really improve the functionality and workflow efficiency of your kitchen.

Although this will still be classified as a one wall kitchen design layout, the inclusion of an island that runs parallel to the wall will bring some of the benefits of a galley kitchen layout. Click the link to find out if a galley kitchen layout is right for your room.

Let's start Planning Your one wall kitchen design

When you’re ready to get started with planning your one wall kitchen design layout, keep in mind all the things mentioned above and you will end up with a fantastic kitchen that makes the most of the space you have.

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