U Shaped Kitchen Ideas

What is a U Shaped Kitchen Layout?

A U shaped kitchen layout is when the units of the kitchen are arranged in the shape of a U by running along three adjacent walls. This design layout is often used for medium sized to big kitchens. Read on to learn about different U shaped kitchen ideas you can adopt for your own kitchen.

Functionality and pleasing aesthetics are at the heart of the U shaped kitchen layout. When you have a functional and beautiful kitchen which is achieved by using some of these u shaped kitchen ideas, you will want to spend as much time as possible in the room.

The layout is designed with accessibility in mind, so it’s great for people who love to cook. The expansive storage and worktop surface area means there is plenty of space for food preparation and for a variety of kitchen appliances.

This page gives you some excellent U shaped kitchen ideas you can use to enhance your kitchen and make it a place you can be proud of. If you need help with designing and fitting, Kitchen Fitters In Birmingham can provide a stress-free service.

u shaped kitchen ideas

U Shaped Kitchen Ideas: Size

When you are coming up with U shaped kitchen ideas, it’s important to consider the size of your room. Depending on how big it is, you’ll end up with a kitchen that’s practical for just cooking or one that can cater for entertainment and dining as well.

Although this type of layout is mostly used for medium to large sized kitchens, it can also be adapted for smaller and narrower rooms. However, if your kitchen is very small, we suggest you go for another kitchen layout that’s much more suited to tiny kitchens.

For maximum flexibility and ease of use, a fairly large square or rectangular room shape is best suited for a U shaped kitchen layout. When you have more room to play with, you can choose whether or not to include a dining table or an entertainment area in the kitchen.

u-shaped kitchen layout

Lighting Options

Lighting is as important as the colour scheme in a U shaped kitchen because you need to ensure the room is well lit in order to avoid feeling overcrowded by the three walls of units.

The best kind of light is natural light. If your kitchen has large windows, this will help make the space feel more expansive and give the room a lovely natural brightness. Natural light is especially important if you have a narrow, small kitchen because it will help to make the room look and feel bigger and more airy.

If your kitchen is starved of natural light because the windows are small or nonexistent, the choice of artificial light becomes extremely important for a U shaped kitchen layout. We recommend installing a number of ceiling lights down the middle of the room that will provide enough light to the key sections of the kitchen.

The central ceiling lights should provide adequate lighting to the room but if you require more light you could fit lights underneath the cupboards and worktops. Not only will this provide additional light, it will also bring an incredibly stylish design feature to the room.

U Shaped Kitchen Ideas: Finishes

Ultimately, the design style you should opt for should depend on your taste and not on the U shaped layout of the kitchen. That being said, some design styles are more suited than others, especially when considering room size.

For small and narrow kitchens, where more light is important, it is recommended to choose glossy finishes for the cabinets and units. This will allow the light to reflect off the surfaces and make the room look larger.

Once again, big kitchens have more options. Both glossy and matte finishes will work extremely well and either option would be a great choice for your U shaped kitchen.


In conclusion, a U shaped kitchen is an excellent choice for a lot of room sizes and it is an especially good choice for people who enjoy cooking. Even a small kitchen can become a perfect place for cooking because of the amount of worktop space and storage a U shaped kitchen provides. Not only that, if you have a big kitchen and love to entertain, a U shaped kitchen layout offers excellent entertaining and dining solutions.

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