Galley Kitchen Ideas

What is a Galley Kitchen layout?

Galley Kitchens are narrow, long and are named after the cooking area found on a ship because the layout is very similar. Oftentimes, people go for the galley kitchen layout because the limited space in their room forces them to do so. This type of kitchen layout will either have one single row of units on one wall, or two rows of units on two walls that are facing each other. This first type is called a classic galley and the latter is called a double galley. For both types of galley kitchen, a corridor runs through the middle of the room which often opens into another room on either side, or is cut off by a wall at one end.

However, even if you are short on space you don’t have to limit your design. The galley kitchen layout enables you to incorporate a variety of smart kitchen space-saving hacks. Here are some of the things you can do to achieve a magnificent galley kitchen layout.

galley kitchen layout

Cabinet and Shelving Placement in a Galley Kitchen Layout

Careful planning of cabinet and shelving placement is required for a galley kitchen layout in order to keep from cluttering and overcrowding. You need to ensure there is adequate space to freely move about as well as enough storage areas to keep your kitchen equipment and produce.

If you choose to go for a double galley, we advise you to keep the layout of the cabinets and worktops on each wall fairly symmetrical so as to keep the room balanced and flowing.

Keeping the room open and airy, while increasing the amount of storage in the kitchen can be achieved by choosing open shelving solutions. This is a great idea if you have items you’d like to display on the open shelves.

Appliance Placement

When you are working out exactly where to place your appliances in a galley kitchen, it is vital to ensure you maintain easy access to the appliances you use regularly. This allows for optimum workflow and a practical user experience for multiple people using the kitchen at the same time.

You want to make accessing the frequently used appliances as easy as possible so you don’t need to spend extra time and effort getting to the things you need to use. In order to keep things simple, we recommend you stick to the kitchen triangle rule. As you can see in the floor-plan, there is a triangle shape connecting the cooker, fridge and sink. You don’t have to abide by this rule but it is a great way to guarantee your kitchen will be as accessible as possible.

floorplan of galley kitchen

What Colours Should I Use in a Galley Kitchen

In order to make your galley kitchen feel open and spacious, you have to be careful when selecting the colour scheme.

Go Light

As with any small and narrow room, light colours will have the effect of making the room feel bigger than it is. We suggest you incorporate neutral, light coloured cabinets with granite, wood or laminate worktops. You could also opt for soft pastel colours for a finish that will suit your personal style.

Go Dark

Another option is to go for darker colours but choose materials that will reflect the light such as glossy cabinets and worktops. If you decide to go for this colour scheme we recommend you break up the space by using contrasting colours. For example, pairing the dark-coloured cabinets with light worktops.

Patterns and Textures

If your galley kitchen is in need of a bit of character, a feature wall or a backsplash with a pattern is an excellent way to achieve this. For the tiles in between your cabinets and worktops you could introduce some colour. Various pieces of artwork and other decorative items can be placed on one feature wall to add your own personal style to the kitchen.

Time To Start Planning Your Galley Kitchen Renovation

When you’re ready to get started with planning your galley kitchen layout design, keep in mind all the things mentioned above and you will end up with a fantastic kitchen that makes the most of the space you have.

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